Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park Summit ET Racing Series

2020 whpmp team summit facts

For 2020, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park will be hosting double race weekends – with eliminations held on Saturday and Sunday for the first 6 events. Race 7 and 8 will be held in April and May 2020.  

Each Team Summit Racing event will be contested as an individual race. Here are some general rules that will be implemented for the 2020 WHP Team Summit ET Series:

*RACERS:  If you want to be in the Points you MUST Join Points Program No Later than the 3rd Points Race.  Once Eliminations Start of the 3rd Points Race the Points Program will be closed.

To Download Your 2020 Team Summit Points Championship Form – Click this link, type in your details, print and bring with you to the team table at your first event along with your $40.00 championship points fee – (cash only please).

Lane Fees/Table Fees for 2020




Motorcycle = $30 PER INDIVIDUAL RACE


  • Racers will be required to pay a $40.00 tech card fee for each race, and for each category raced (even if it’s the same vehicle).
  • Racers will likewise be required to pay their lane/table fee(s) (located at the base of the Brown Tower) – PRIOR TO THEIR 2nd TIME TRIAL. They will receive a colored sticker FOR EACH EVENT. Each driver or team owner will be required to place that sticker next to their competition number on the driver’s side of the vehicle. WHP Race Control officials will verify stickers for each entry prior to round one.
  • Drivers will have the option to claim their best 7 point-earning(s) for the season to be added to their 2020 WHP Team Summit ET Series Championship Points.
  • Crew Members and Fans will need to pay their entry fees at the gate.
  • Any crew members will need to sign a liability waiver and receive a wrist band at the tech shack prior to gaining access to restricted areas.
  • Click the Link Below to Download, Fill Out, and Print Your 2020 WHP Team Summit Championship Sign-Up Form

Team Summit ET Racing Series – Points Sign Up Form

*Reminder – Please fill out a single form for each category you intend on racing and gaining championship points for the 2020 WHP Team Summit Season.

How Points are Earned and Calculated

Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park is now following a similar point structure as several NHRA National and Divisional Event tracks operating within the NHRA’s Summit ET Racing Series. Here are how points will be awarded for the 2020 Summit Racing ET Series at WHPMP.

No Qualifying Points. We have decided to delete the previous qualifying point system. Time trials in ET Bracket Racing only serve two purposes – to test a drivers vehicle prior to eliminations and to determine a potential bye. Qualifying to establish ladders in the Summit ET Racing Series (except for the ET MX division – due to the split tree rules) is established based on round one winners.

10 points for turning in a tech card. A racer in any category will receive 10 points once they purchase a tech card and it is turned into the tower. They are not required to enter the first round to receive these points. HOWEVER – if a racer has their tech card refunded, they VOID their 10 entry points. Racers may request a refund of any table fees PRIOR to the first round and receive a 100% refund.

10 points per round win. Once in eliminations, every round win will provide the driver with 10 points.

2 BONUS points for runner up. As a bonus for reaching the final round, all runner ups will receive 2 bonus points. A driver does NOT have to stage the vehicle in the final to receive these bonus points. As long as they officially advance to the final, they will receive bonus points.

5 BONUS points for winning. Along with the 10 points earned for the round win, each winner will 5 bonus points for winning the event.

Racers will CLAIM points earned at their best 7 races. After Race 8 of the series, the Compulink Points system will search for each driver, and determine which race was their worst points tally. We will then manually verify and remove that worst point entry for each driver. This will provide a final SEASON TOTAL for each category.

*In the event of a tie within the top 20 in points (for those earning a spot to attend the ET Finals), the Track Operations Manager (Ron Conner) will determine a series of criteria for ‘breaking’ ties. 

Resources for Racers

NHRA Competition License Requirements – SUPER PRO

To compete in Super Pro, all drivers with vehicles quicker than 9.99 must have a valid and current NHRA Competition License.

For vehicles running from 9.99 to 7.50 – you’ll need a LEVEL 4 or 6 licenses. Vehicles quicker than 7.50 will require a LEVEL 3 license. Vehicles under 125″ wheelbase requires a “B” code – while vehicles over 125″ wheelbase requires an “A” code.

To download license forms, click the link below.

Download License Forms

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