Wild horse Pass Motorsports Park Summit ET Racing Series

High School Championship

The High School Championship division has been an NHRA staple for decades. It’s an opportunity for high school students to race (typically against each other) and gains valuable experience. At Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park, our High School racers compete in the Sportsman Class – but earn points separately to compete for the High School championship. They compete on the 1,320-foot course with ET range from 12.00 to 19.99.

2020 whpmp team summit facts

For 2020, Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park will be hosting double race weekends – with eliminations held on Saturday and Sunday for the first 6 events. Race 7 and 8 will be held in April and May 2020.  

Class Info & Rules:  

(If Applicable) have your NHRA Competition ET Number, Applicable Safety Equipment, Filled Out Tech Card, and all applicable certifications noted PRIOR to entering the tech line.

  • PRO ET (1/4 mile 12.00 to 19.99)
  • NHRA Competition ET Number Required if wanting to race at ET Finals
  • Valid Driver License – NO PERMITS ALLOWED. 
  • This category is reserved for full-bodied production vehicles with working doors (convertibles OK, no open-wheel vehicles allowed).
  • Sportsman ET IS RACED ON THE 1/4 mile at Wildhorse Pass Motorsports Park
  • Helmets Required with Vehicles quicker than 14.00
  • High School participants must have attended High School in the 2020 calendar year.
  • High School projects cars that are not registered are PERMITTED. However, they must pass NHRA Technical Inspection.

Summit Series Bracket Guidelines for Sportsman ET:

  1. Computer:  Prohibited unless stock OEM equipment. See general regulations 9:1.
  2. Data Recorder: Prohibited. See general regulations 9:2&9:9.
  3. Delay Boxes:  Prohibited.
  4. Trans brake:  Prohibited.
  5. Line lock:  Two-wheel or Four-wheel line lock permitted.
  6. Automated Shifter:  Prohibited unless stock OEM equipped
  7. Throttle control:  Throttle must be manually operated by the driver’s foot.  Electronics, pneumatics, hydraulics or any other device may in no way affect the throttle operation.  A dead-stop under the carburetor or gas pedal is permitted.  Throttle timers, counters prohibited.  No overdrive or throttle stop devices allowed.
  8. Ignition: Single-stage, ‘high side’ rev limiter permitted. Starting line rev limiter prohibited. Rev limiter or any other rpm limiting devices, legal unto themselves but altered or installed in so as to function as a down-track rpm controller prohibited. Crank trigger system prohibited, unless OEM distributor-less ignition.
  9. Switches & Buttons:  All switches and/or buttons must be standard mechanical connection type.  Infrared lasers, retinal scan, fingerprint, light source or other non-mechanical type switch prohibited.
  10. NHRA Pacific Division 7 uses TRUSTART timing system in Super Pro, Pro, and Sportsman ET categories. Sportsman ET uses 0.500 Sportsman Tree.

Use your NHRA 2018 RULEBOOK as your guideline.


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