Wildhorse Pass Motorsports Park Summit ET Racing Series

ET Motorcycle Category

The two-wheel competitors at Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park have two ways to attack their competitors. Racers can opt for a full-tree (commonly referred to as the 0.500 three-amber sportsman tree) or Pro Tree (0.400 pro tree). Racers compete against others with the same tree (so full tree vs full tree) and (pro vs pro) until there is a winner in each. The final is a split tree, with the full tree ‘finalist’ racing against the ‘pro tree’ finalist. Super Pro rules apply in this category – including NHRA Competition License requirements for motorcycles quicker than 9.99. 

2020 whpmp team summit facts

For 2020, Wildhorse Pass Motorsports Park will be hosting double race weekends – with eliminations held on Saturday and Sunday for the first 6 events. Race 7 and 8 will be held in April and May 2020.  

Have your NHRA Competition License, Applicable Safety Equipment, Filled Out Tech Card, and all applicable certifications noted PRIOR to entering tech line.

  • ET Motorcycle (1/4 mile 7.50 – 15.99)
  • NHRA Competition License required if 6.39 or quicker on 1/8 mile & 9.99 or quicker on 1/4 mile
  • Nitrous Oxide is Prohibited
  • Crosstalk is NOT utilized in this category
  • SUPER PRO IS RACED ON THE 1/4 mile at WildHorse Pass Motorsports Park

Summit series bracket guidelines for ET Motorcycle:

  1. Computer:  Prohibited unless stock OEM equipment. See general regulations 9:1.
  2. Data Recorder: Permitted. See general regulations 9:2&9:9.
  3. Delay Boxes:  Permitted. One box/device only attached to trans brake and/or throttle timer only. Delay box may only display delay amount. All wiring must be clearly identifiable for inspection.
  4. Trans brake:  Permitted.
  5. Line lock:  Four-wheel line lock permitted.
  6. Automated Shifter:  Permitted.
  7. Throttle control:  Permitted per NHRA rulebook
  8. Ignition:  Stutter boxes prohibited.  Starting line and or ‘high side’ rev limiters permitted.  Two-steps, rev limiters or any other rpm limiting devices, legal unto themselves but altered or installed so as to function as a down-track rpm controller, prohibited.
  9. Switches & Buttons:  All switches and/or buttons must be standard mechanical connection type.  Infrared lasers, retinal scan, fingerprint, light source or other non-mechanical type switch prohibited.
  10. NHRA Pacific Division 7 uses TRUSTART timing system in Super Pro, Pro, and Sportsman ET categories. TRUSTART is NOT used in ET Motorcycle.

Double-Bulbing – Taking Too Much Stripe – Going Trip Zip…all terminology we use frequently at the drag strip, especially in Super Pro ET Racing.

This video by Gallstar TV provides a real-world look at some of the common bracket racing verbiage used at the track. It’s a great video to show to new racers, crew members, or sponsors – so enjoy. 

Resources for Racers

NHRA Competition License Requirements – SUPER PRO

To compete in Super Pro, all drivers must have a valid and current NHRA Competition License.

For vehicles running from 9.99 to 7.50 – you’ll need a LEVEL 4 or 6 licenses. Vehicles quicker than 7.50 will require a LEVEL 3 license. Vehicles under 125″ wheelbase requires a “B” code – while vehicles over 125″ wheelbase requires an “A” code.

To download license forms, click the link below.

Download License Forms

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