WHPTeamSummit.com in partnership with Lumin8 Online Marketing Solutions (Tim Charlet’s company), is offering Team Summit members an opportunity to create their own team profile page here on WHPTeamSummit.com – ABSOLUTELY FREE!!!

View a Sample Racer Profile Page

So – wondering what a racer profile page can look like? Well, here is a sample one I did for my buddy Joe Morrison. We have multiple styles and templates that can be customized based on the content you provide.

What is the Racer Bio Page?

The Team Summit racer profile page is a single-page layout that will permit you to have pictures, racer bio, videos, and sponsors links on your page. From the page, you can submit race recap reports, that will be posted to our blog, and linked to your team page. Simply contact us below, and we’ll email you the details – and handle the rest. *For simplicity sake, race teams will be permitted to make (2) edits to the page per year for no charge. Additional page edits will be charged at a price of $30 per page edit. 

What can I post on the racer bio page?

The sky is virtually the limit. If you send the content, we’ll polish it up, post it and publish it. Video will need to be hosted on a YouTube.com or Vimeo.com channel. Images can be sent via email and all written content sent in Word Doc format. Any sponsorship images or video should include a link to their website or Facebook Pages. 

Can I post my Facebook or Twitter Pages on this racer bio page?

Absolutely. Simply send us the link to your Social Media pages and we’ll publish it under your team details. 

How Many Blogs or Race Recaps Can I Submit Each Year?

We have 8 Team Summit Races for 2020. So, a total of 8 blogs per year would be OK with us. 

Our Family has multiple racers - can we do a racer page for each one?

You Betcha. In fact, we can link all of your team members together if you’d like. 

Can I share with friends and sponsors?

That’s the point of the racer profile page. Once the page has been established, we encourage you to share on your social network pages, with your family, friends, and especially – SPONSORS. 

Let’s Get Started