Wild horse Pass Motorsports Park Summit ET Racing Series

Big Wheel Keep on Turning!

If you’re looking for the most competitive, intense, and crowd-pleasing categories among the Wild Horse Pass Motorsports Park Team Summit ET Series – it’s the Big Wheel division. The child must be 2 years of age to 7 years of age at the beginning of the racing season.

The big wheel itself must be plastic with one big wheel in front, a seat and 2 smaller wheels in the back. ‘No slider’ type big wheel allowed.  A rubber front wheel is permitted.

Big Wheel Safety Gear Requirements

HELMET: Bicycle Type

GLOVES: Must cover at least up to the knuckles.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Knee and Elbow Pads approved for bicycle riding.

SHIRTS & PANTS: Must have long sleeves & full leg pants.

SHOES: Closed-toed shoes required.

Racing Rules

All Big Wheel participants compete to the 60-foot timing block. Parents may assist their children to line up at the starting line and assist in the staging process. However, once their big wheel is fully staged, they can’t touch the child or big wheel.

There are TWO qualifying sessions – with ladders being established by reaction time. A ladder is then established after qualifying. If in the situation of an odd amount of big wheel racers, the number one qualifier will receive a potential bye-run.

Elimination is a single-elimination format, with the first to the finish line being declared the winner. There are no dial-ins, or breakouts. A red light will result in a Disqualification.

The qualifying and eliminations will all completed at the same time. Typically, we will run the Big Wheels in between the first and second rounds of Jr Dragster qualifying. Points will be awarded per each ‘race’ in conjunction with NHRA Jr Dragster points.

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